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Training Schedule

ISO/IEC 17025:2017

Understanding & Interpreting the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Standard
Quality Awareness
Internal Quality Audit
Quality Manual Writing
Lead Assessors
Documentation & Implementation
Uncertainty of Measurement
Uncertainty of Measurement in Microbiology
Method Validation
Document Control System
Sampling System & Techniques

Laboratory Skills

Good Laboratory Practice

Introduction to GLP

ISO 9001

Quality Awareness
Internal Quality Audit
Quality Manual Writing
Lead Auditors

Management Trainings

Sun Tzu's Art of War
Japanese 5-S Training
Mind Mapping
Negotiation Skills
Motivational Courses



WKS's Training Courses cover a wide range of quality and management tools and techniques from the basic introductory courses to the more advanced and technical courses.  

Our training objective is to provide expert knowledge, training skills and advice on quality and related issue.  WKS training will enhance your staff skill level with quality training to help ensure that your business will continue to be efficient, effective and highly profitable.     

With our expert involvement in various National Standards Committees and Technical Committees, we can ensure that our training courses are reviewed and updated to meet our customers' needs and requirement.

Training Methodology

To further accelerate the learning process and to enhance its applicability, WKS trains in a variety of methods using video, films, handouts, transparencies, games, physical exercise, workshops, case studies, motivational aids, group exercise, games, role play and etc. depending on the audience and the level of the groups in training.  Nevertheless, whichever it may be, the methodology adopted each time is fresh and always motivational, with the ulterior motive of imparting knowledge and learning laced with applications and examples of the principles and concepts taught.  This makes it very practical and interesting for the participants.

Training Partnership

The Company always regards the clients in training as partners, ensuring that the training is highly relevant and applicable to the customerís company.  The consultant or trainer shall ensure that when he imparts anything, it shall be as if he is part of the customerís company senior management, thus lending authority, relevance and credence to his training.

In-House Training

WKS also offers in-house training which have been tailor-made to suit your company's requirements.  When the whole company is committed to the same training, more people can be trained to provide a reinforcing environment.  This ensures that learning can be effectively transferred to the job to improve job performance.  The basic principles of the training courses apply to all industries and based on the specific training needs, relevant case studies are provided.  You are most welcome to discuss your individual training needs with our trainers and we shall recommend suitable training package that meets your goals and needs to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency is achieved..

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