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ISO 9001 Quality Management System


Training Schedule

ISO/IEC 17025

Quality Awareness
Internal Quality Audit
Quality Manual Writing
Lead Assessors
Documentation & Implementation
Uncertainty of Measurement
Uncertainty of Measurement in Microbiology
Method Validation
Document Control System
Sampling System & Techniques

ISO 9001

Quality Awareness
Internal Quality Audit
Quality Manual Writing
Lead Auditors

Management Trainings

Sun Tzu's Art of War
Japanese 5-S Training
Mind Mapping
Negotiation Skills
Motivational Courses



ISO 9001 Quality Awareness

A birdís eye view on the new ISO 9001 standard and its applications. Only for in-house training.

Course Content

  • Introduction to the management principles on ISO 9001 Standard
  • Overview and interpretation of the standard
  • Understanding the requirements and its application
  • Transition and its implementation

Duration: 1-day

ISO 9001 Internal Quality Audit

The requirement for organization to conduct Internal Quality Audits is inherent in the new ISO 9001 Standard. Be equipped with the knowledge of internal quality auditing to systematically conduct internal quality audits as required by the standard.

Course Content

  • An overview of the ISO 9001 Standard
  • Roles & Responsibilities of Auditors
  • How to conduct IQA
  • Planning Audit schedule 
  • Audit Preparation
  • The audit process & findings
  • Audit checklists & questionnaire
  • How to write an Internal Quality Audit Report
  • Developing and implementing corrective action programs
  • Listening & communication skills
  • Workshop: Simulation Audit     

Duration: 2-day

ISO 9001 Quality Manual Writing

This course will cover interpretation of the new standard elements; effective methodology of writing a quality manual to comply with the new standard.

Course Content

  • An overview of the ISO 9001 Standard requirements
  • Guideline on Quality Manual Writing
  • Documenting the Management & Technical Requirements
  • Tips on possible conversion of current Quality manual to meet the new standard
  • Workshops on writing your own quality manual and general document control techniques.

Duration: 2-day

ISO 9001 Lead Auditors (MRCA Accredited: TCP 2002)

The course covers analysis of the new standard elements, effective and useful assessment techniques including questioning skills, VAK Practices, transactional analysis, etc. which are equally important to equip all participants with the necessary leadership for assessment.

This course is an ISO accredited course from Malaysia Register of Certificated Auditors (MRCA).  MRCA is the Governing Body for the National Registration Scheme for assessor or Auditors of Quality System and Training Course Providers. 

Course Content

  • Introduction to the audit system and its requirements utilizing ISO 19011
  • Development and implementation of an effective quality management systems
  • Content and structure of a documented quality system
  • Key principles of planning and conducting audits
  • Interpreting the new ISO9001 Standard
  • Process approach concept and model
  • Protocol for opening/closing meeting
  • Communications and Interview techniques
  • How to develop and use checklist during an audit
  • Audit Reporting
  • Handling of nonconformance
  • Corrective Action & Preventive Action
  • Conduct and roles of an Auditor
  • Use and abuse of certification status
  • Code of Ethics Lead Auditors

Duration: 5-day


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